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First Officer Spock

Mission: Pandora - the Mirror Mirror side



Given permission to send some of the equipment back to the ship, he tapped his comm badge.  ”McCoy to Enterprise.  Set up a decontamination chamber for the equipment I’m having beamed aboard.  Set it in one of the quarantine rooms and have it ready for me when we return.”

There was a soft affirmative on the other end, and he stepped back, watching as the equipment dematerialized.  He’d tend to that later.  Closing the connection, he moved to catch up with Kirk and Spock, keeping a hand free for his weapon.

"Lead the way."  He’d follow, taking samples as they went.  The bioluminescence the plants gave off would make for interesting weapons and medical enhancements.  He’d find a way to make it work.  And, of course, he’d test to see what was poisonous and what wasn’t.  Anything useful would be collected and sent back to be used during his medical ‘trials.’

"The place is a dump.  Be glad to be off this rock, though there’s definitely some good finds."  He murmured, walking with the other two.

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Leading the way, he headed for the village.  He knew that Spock and Bones wanted to explore and see what they could find but his priority was cowing the village and its people and then start in on their resources.  There were plenty and they would be here for awhile but subduing the natives came first, he didn’t want to waste time fighting them while they tried to collect what this planet had to offer.

He kept a steady pace, only stopping once in awhile to rest and give the other two a chance to get readings.  It didn’t take them long to get to the village and Jim peered at it through the greenery.  It looked like they were primitives and the weapons looked simple.  Granted they were bigger, they could do a lot of damage but Jim had no intention of giving them a chance.  ”Can you tell which one is the leader?”  He asked Spock, not taking his eyes off the milling people.

Bones would enjoy studying them.  They were tall, very tall and almost had a feline look to them.  Jim made a face at the blue skin and how alien they looked.  It was easy to forget that Vulcans were alien because they mostly looked human.  These looked nothing like humans and they deserved to be taken over.  ”We’ll try and leave you a few to study Bones but we need to kill the leaders first if they resist.”  He pulled his phaser.

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The Vulcan stepped up beside the Captain, moving his tricorder from left to right as he took a much more detailed scan now that they were within visual range. The natives were as he suspected, large, humanoid, yet unusually graceful in their movements. They appeared to be one with their environment.

“You will notice the long braid running down their backs?” he asked motioning with his chin for the Captain and McCoy to follow his gaze. “It seems to be an external neural cluster of the same sort as the animals we encountered on our way here—although the humanoids only have one such tail while the animals we saw had two. Once again their appearance if you look beyond their coloration suggests evolution on another world and transfer to this one.”

Spock’s eyebrows both shot toward his bangs. “Fascinating. Captain,” he pointed to one native that appeared to be in charge. “That one has five fingers and toes as a human would, and he has human DNA. I also believe he is the leader.” 

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Dancing with the Devil



Jim was trying not to let his worry over Spock cloud his judgement, to take it out on this man in case he didn’t do anything to Spock but it was hard.  He looked exactly like him and he was here while Spock was missing.  His attitude didn’t help, he seemed so much colder than Spock and Jim found himself echoing that to a degree.  ”Your equipment is damaged and we’re working on fixing it so we can read the data.”

A tachyon field?  If there’d been an explosion involving that, that could explain a few things.  It wasn’t the first time they’d dealt with alternate time lines but this one seemed so much different and he wondered if the Ambassador had ever run into it.  It didn’t matter, what mattered was getting Spock back and returning this one to where he belonged.  ”You didn’t see him down there?  Didn’t capture him or anything?”

Jim’s unease ratcheted up a few more notches.  If this one didn’t do anything with Spock, then where was he?  ”If you’re here, could he be where you were?”  That made him feel sick, that Spock was lost somewhere that he couldn’t find him.  ”Bones, how much longer until he’s well enough to show us how his equipment works?”

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Tachyon field?  McCoy was no physicist, but he knew how dangerous it was to mess with anything that temperamental.  He fell silent, not sure what he could ask that Jim already hadn’t asked.  Jim would know more about what had occurred than he would, especially since he’d spoken with Ambassador Spock about the Red Matter, before it had all been used to destroy Nero’s vessel.

He moved around the biobed, making sure everything was being recorded.  This wasn’t their Spock and he had to make sure there was a record of what transpired.  He paused, glancing sidelong at Jim.  The wounds were mostly superficial and, under normal circumstances, he’d be all for sending their First Officer back to work.

But this wasn’t Spock.

Jerking his chin, he beckoned Jim away from the biobed and not-Spock.  He didn’t want the doppelganger to overhear him.  And only when Jim was far enough away, did he lower his voice.  ”His wounds are mostly superficial, Jim.  If he was our Spock, I’d say get a good night’s rest and be back on shift for Alpha tomorrow.”  But he shook his head.  ”Since he’s not ours, I don’t think he needs to know that, though.”

The longer they could keep Spock prone, the more they might find out.  Or so he hoped.

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They went off to talk in private, and Spock closed his eyes to focus on his hearing. He could barely hear a hushed whisper between them, and he could not hear enough to know what they had planned. It was frustrating as was everything else in this universe that he found himself in.

A human, his captain, would be fighting the bonds and demanding to be set free in an aggressive manner, but Spock knew that he’d get better treatment by being nice. He hadn’t been raised by the Governor of Vulcan and Sarek without learning how to manipulate humans. It would be even easier in this reality where these humans were weak and trusting. He could taste their worry for their Spock. It was nauseating.

Unable to leave, and unwilling to present a bad impression, Spock did the only thing he could do logically—he went to sleep. 

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Through the Looking Glass - Spock and Mirror Spock


Spock had sensed there was something very accessible to the other’s mind. He tried to get to it before he close it off, but his attempt was noticed. He listened to his suggestion, glad he was not pressing on for him to open up his mind with the threat of Jim Kirk’s impending death. Spock had no clue what was going on, where the rest was, or why this other Spock found it logical to tie him down with a gag. He hoped indeed that his mirror image would let him see his universe, perhaps he would gain the bit of understanding he needed for those illogical acts.

He did not budge, but he could feel the other’s nerves, his anxiousness to get what he wanted, and fast. Why? It was all he sent in return. ‘Why?’ Spock was relieved when the meld was broken, but he was cautious as well. He did not know what he could expect. When the gag was removed, he could finally move his jaw, but he did not take his eyes off the other Vulcan. “If you do lie and you are a Vulcan, then yes, you are right and that statement is untrue.” He spoke calmly. “But perhaps if your universe is of a different nature, I might prove to be not as much of a fool as you think.” Dark brown eyes slightly narrowed at his bearded counterpart.

“I find this place interesting,” the bearded Vulcan said, as he moved about Spock’s quarters, picking up this and that. He knew it would bother the other as much as it annoyed him. Spock did not like his possessions handled. It was a violation of privacy, and privacy was something that Vulcan society prized above all else.

“We have some of the same belongings.” He plucked a string on the Vulcan lyre. “I assume that you play. I have not in many years. There was no time since becoming Kirk’s first officer. He does not feel it beneficial to his ship for me to spend time in frivolous activities.” And he hated him for it. He looked at the other while letting his fingers softly brush over the strings once more, notes barely above a whisper reaching his sensitive ears. “I have a proposition for you, Mr. Spock. I want you to help me.” 


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Mission: Pandora - the Mirror Mirror side



He’d have grumbled, if it would have done any good.  But McCoy knew better.  Kirk was a tenacious bastard on his best days and a stubborn mule on his worst.  But rationally, he knew Kirk was right.  Collect what they had before them and then branch out.  McCoy knew he’d be up to his eyeballs in new samples, specimens and options when all was said and done, so he nodded without comment and disappeared into the facility to look the equipment over.  Bitching would have been viewed as a weakness, and while he was a hardy bastard, having either Spock or Kirk viewing him as weak was a mistake.

A fatal mistake.  He’d spaced people for less.

He was aware of the two other men, and kept half an ear open to listen in case they needed him, or he could suss out anything that might be of use later against them.  One could never be too careful.

Most of the equipment was rusty, though surprisingly still useful.  Interesting.  Of course, it was built by the occupying military force.  Military was well-known for building things that lasted.  They needed to. All of their excess funds went to artillery.  There were items that might be able to be used, though they’d need to be cleaned up and reworked.  Hearing Spock’s request, McCoy cleared his throat and glanced Kirk’s way.  ”Same goes for me, Jim.  Most’a this stuff is too rusty to be salvaged. Been out in the elements too long.  But there are some things that might be of use to us.  Permission to beam ‘em aboard to be cleaned up?”

When all was said and done, they’d be one of the best equipped ships in the Empire.  That was saying something.  McCoy liked the idea that they’d have things no other ship had.  Meant they’d have an edge if there was ever a rebellion.  It also meant he’d need to stick close to Kirk and Spock, lest he wind up being tossed ass-first onto another vessel, to suffer the wrath and ire of another, lesser captain.  McCoy wasn’t stupid.  He knew where the best advantage lay.

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The Commander’s office was empty when he found it.  Of course the computer’s were nothing but junk after so long in the jungle, vines and plants crawled over nearly everything and he made a disgusted face as he poked into the few cabinets and drawers.  There were a few actual record books instead of data pads but nothing of interesting.  Glancing through them, he shut them again.  Mostly bitching about the scientists and how badly their hands were tied when it came to the resources of the planet and its people.

Making sure there wasn’t anything useful, he headed back to the others.  ”Find anything we can use?”  He asked Bones, looking around for Spock.  The Vulcan wasn’t in sight but he wasn’t too worried.  He knew Spock wouldn’t stab him in the back and he was pretty sure about Bones but you could never be too careful.  ”You can send anything you think we can use up, just make sure its decontaminated before you bring it inside the ship.”

His communicator beeped and he listened to Spock.  ”Good, once we’re done here we can go there and see what they have for us.”  He smirked.  ”Who knows what advances they’ve made that we can use.  Besides, if they’re not a part of the Empire, they should be.  They’d fit right in.”  Looking around the base, he huffed.  ”Alright, lets get out of here and go find these natives so we can start digging out the resources.”  He patted Bones on the back.  ”And we can start getting your samples.”

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 “I have scanned the area, and the greatest concentration of sentient lifeforms is in that direction, four kilometers from this location,” Spock said when rejoined the Captain and McCoy. “They had no advanced weaponry when they were invaded in the past, but they may have learned to make them during the past ten years. I would suggest caution.”

He turned his focus to his tricorder, while opening his mind to the touch of the planet’s life force. He did not sense fear in the awareness, but there was a feeling of curiosity about them and especially about him. He kept it to himself. Until he learned more, or until he discovered what advantage there would be in sharing the information, Spock had no intention of telling either of his companions.

Spock let his tricorder fall to his side, and stepped to Kirk’s side with his hand near his weapon as they left the camp to head into the jungle. The terrain was rough where the jungle had encroached on the ruins. The jungle was much closer to the ruins than it had been when the base was active. “I estimate that the jungle will reclaim this area within eight standard years.” 

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Through the Looking Glass - Spock and Mirror Spock


A mind-meld, ofcourse. Spock would have preferred to converse, but this malignant version of himself seemed hardly likely to do so. Instead he forced his mind to open to the his own, establishing a one-sided connection. Spock did not close his eyes in the process, his will was strong and his skill well developed through meditation, the other had no chance without his consent.

He did not expect him to say what he did next. It was not the first time that someone threatened to kill his Captain, but this situation was entirely different. Spock did not want to let him into his mind for multiple reasons. He couldn’t speak, but now he could through telepathy. He was unaware of the precise situation he was in, and all he could tell right now was that Jim Kirk was still alive. 'I will not let you, I want to know my situation. If you are me, you shall not kill.' Ofcourse he was scared, but as long as he could keep his mind locked, Spock would hopefully learn some more. Surely it was a mere thread, was it not? Then again, Vulcans did not lie..


The other’s voice was loud, echoing in his mind louder than any he’d ever touched before. Not even melding with his father had been like this, and Spock had to put up his own mental barriers to hide his own thoughts. ‘You do not get to pry into my mind. Not yet. But perhaps I should let you see the universe that we came from. Perhaps then you would realize that your ideals mean very little to me.’

Spock knew he had only a limited amount of time to complete his mission. If he did not get the access codes for the ship’s computer and security systems, their invasion would end as quickly as it began. “It amuses me that you believe I would not kill, or that I cannot lie. We all lie, Spock,” he said, breaking the meld and speaking as he pulled the gag from his counterpart’s face. “It is the nature of Vulcans to lie, and anyone gullible enough to believe that we do not, is a fool.” 


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Dancing with the Devil



"I’m not going anywhere, Bones, not until he wakes up and answers some questions."  His voice had a hard edge to it because he was worried about Spock and what was happening to him.  If the Vulcan didn’t come back to them, safe and sound…  Pulling over a chair, he sat down to wait for this man that looked so much like his friend to wake up and tell him what was going on.

After what felt like hours, the raspy voice jerked his attention from his PADD to the Vulcan on the biobed.  ”I’m here but I want to know who you are and what you’ve done with my First Officer.”  Putting his PADD down, he stood up and looked down at the impostor Spock.  ”If you’ve hurt him, in any way…”  He pulled back, getting himself back under control before he did something really stupid.  ”You know us, somehow.  Where are you from, how did you get here?”

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The man on the biobed knew his name.  He wasn’t Spock, or at least not their Spock.  But he knew McCoy’s name.  It was eerie to have the too-similar voice uttering his name as though they were acquainted.  Remembering himself, McCoy kept as much professional distance as he could in his voice.  ”Can’t be doin’ that, Spock.”  And wasn’t it weird as hell to refer to this doppelganger by his friend’s name?  ”Captain’s right here..” He echoed Jim for a second, and offered a quick quirk of his lips.  ”You were injured down on the planet.  We beamed you aboard to take care of ya.”

He furrowed a brow, not liking the commanding tone in not-Spock’s voice.  The man seemed to be a bit harsher, more like his pure-blood counterparts versus the humans that their Spock seemed to be growing accustomed to.  Their Spock was, by no means, warm.  But this man was positively cold.

He stepped back, unconsciously, when Jim stepped in to begin questioning.  Though he didn’t like the idea of jostling the patient on the bed (not Spock, he had to remember that the man wasn’t really Spock), Leonard knew that it wasn’t a case of Jim harassing Spock in jest.  This was Captain Kirk ascertaining what the hell had happened to a valued member of his crew.  

And McCoy knew better than to step in the middle of that.

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Being threatened by Kirk was not a new experience although his words and the doctor’s combined were confusing. Spock glanced over his shoulder, turning his head as far as he could. Medbay did not look right. There were no emblems of the Empire on the doors, and no one was screaming in agony. It made no sense.

“Explain,” he said, not bother to soften the demand issued by that one word. He tried to shift on the bed, attempting to move his arms and legs to change his position, but he could not. Being face down was a disturbingly helpless position to find himself in.

“There was an explosion. The device I was studying.” Spock stopped struggling and let out a controlled breath. “I do not know what happened after that. I am assuming that my equipment was also damaged in the blast? There would have been data on the device and the tachyon field surrounding it. I did nothing to your first officer.” 

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Through the Looking Glass - Spock and Mirror Spock

Continued from HERE


His own reality, so that meant this lookalike could as well be a version of himself, most likely from another reality. Spock’s hazy mind raced, more questions popping up. How did this happen? Where was he? Where was the rest of the crew? Also captured? Individually questioned by their counterparts the way he was? Everything seemed possible all of the sudden, however illogical.

Spock detested to be handled, lifted and placed to sit like a doll without will. His gaze was on the other, unfaltering. If this other Vulcan was planning to have him talk, then why was he gagged to start with? This was illogical. And what was there to tell about the Captain and the Enterprise..? It then dawned upon him the entire ship might have been hijacked. If he could, he would ask him a few questions in return.

Spock could see the resentment hidden in the dark depths of his other self’s eyes. Apparently they had the same triggers, which was of course logical, but it was also an advantage. He knew what buttons to push, and it would make it much easier to get this one to cooperate with him.

“My mind to your mind,” he said, words that were usually kept to himself as Vulcan telepathy was kept a secret by all of his people. He wasn’t as practiced as the man he was attempting to meld with. This Spock’s mental barriers were stronger than he was prepared for. He’d hoped that them being the same person would make it easier, but it did not. “You will let me touch your mind, Spock, or I will see to it that your captain dies in front of you.”